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We are a nonprofit organization providing Community, Advocacy, Research, Education, and Support for Ogden Syndrome.

Ogden Syndrome and Genetic Facts

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What does this mean for Ogden CARES and our patient community? We’ve got some work to do! We need to collect as much data as possible to make Ogden Syndrome a prime candidate for this research opportunity.

Families – stay up-to-date on our weekly RARE-X challenges and raffle drawings on both the Ogden Syndrome-NAA10 Family Support Group and the NAA10 Families Together pages on Facebook.

Spotlight Series


Brinley is 4 years old and lives in Texas with her parents, Todd and Kelly; her older sister, Jayla; and her twin brother, Wesley.

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Kamilla is 7 years old and lives in Texas with her parents, Stefanie and Johnny, and her sisters, Kinzley and Evelyn.

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Amelia (Millie) is 2 years old and lives in Washington State with her parents, Nikki and Gerrad, and her baby brother, Calvin.

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A Global View of Ogden Syndrome