Let Me Introduce You to a few of Our Amazing Kiddos


Savannah is 10 years old and lives in Salem, MA, with her parents, Lacey and Mark, and her pup, Georgia.

Savannah's Story


JoJo is 9 years old and lives in Stafford, VA, with her parents, Emily and Scott, her three siblings: Catherine, Christopher, and Lincoln, and their puppy, Wally.

JoJo's Story


Emma is 12 years old and lives in Quinton, VA, with her parents, Matt and Ashley, her older sister, Lily, and their dog, Boomer.

Emma's Story


Amelia (Millie) is 2 years old and lives in Washington State with her parents, Nikki and Gerrad, and her baby brother, Calvin.

Millie's Story


Arden is 4 years old and lives in Georgia with her parents, Margie and Bernard, and two older siblings.

Arden's Story


Kamilla is 7 years old and lives in Texas with her parents, Stefanie and Johnny, and her sisters, Kinzley and Evelyn.

Kamilla's Story